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Product & Services

Product & Services

Our aim is to deliver the products to the complete satisfaction of our valued customer regardless of tough competition in the market.

All products offered by us find their way to applications in substations and Distribution of various industrial procedures for improved functioning.

All these products are designed, developed and procured from the recognized and authentic vendors of the industry who are acclaimed for their optimum performance, Unmatched Quality and trouble free service life with focus to the specific requirements of the clients.

The Products are checked on the defined parameters, to ensure their compliance with the prescribed quality standards.

Our excellent warehousing units and packaging facilities have also helped us to ensure our exclusive status in the market.

With our excellent and economical products, we have been able to create a niche in the market.

Transmission Line Tower & Accessories Circuit Breaker EHV Current Transformer EHV Potential Transformer EHV Capacitive Voltage Transformer Disconnector HV Potential Transformer HV Current Transformer Auto Recloser Sectionalizer Transmission Line & Accessories HV / MV Transformer MV / LV Transformer EHV / HV Transformer MV Metalclad Switchgear Sf6 LBS MV Potential Transformer Pole Mounted Disconnector Lightning Arrester LV Metalclad Switchgear Metalclad Switchgear Capacitor Bank Panels Meters & Relays Tower Accessories Insulators Reactors High Mast & Street Lights MV Current Transformer
Transmission Line Tower & Accessories

The transmission tower or pylon is one of the most important accessories of a transmission line. As the whole load of the line and accessories are taken by the towers so its design is crucial. For construction of a transmission line the type and numbers of transmission towers required depends on many factors. Transmission tower is designed to carry the whole load of phase and grounding conductors in normal and abnormal conditions.

The design requirements may include the condition in icy, non-icy, coastal areas, cyclone prone areas and heavily air polluted areas. Climatic condition plays an important role in tower and line design. For the purpose, climatic load data is collected. The tower foundation type depends on the soil. Also seismic data of the concerned region is collected for tower design. The tower types generally used are Lattice structure, Guyed V, Tubular pole type etc.

We have successfully been dealing and distributing Rohas Euco Industries Bhd, Malaysia of
. Transmission Line Towers design and supply up to 500kV
. EHV Transmission Line Towers
. Sub-Station Structures/Switchyard Structures & Gantry structures design & supply up to 500kV
. Panzer mast pole (Tubular Structure) design and supply up to 245kV
. Equipment supporting structure design and supply up to 500kV
. Foundation design for transmission line towers and substation Gantry structure
  • Dry type foundation
  • Sub merged or Wet foundation
  • Pile Foundation
  • Block Foundation
. Telecommunication Towers
. Accessories
  • Earthing Material/ Foundation Bolts
  • Fasteners
  • Hot Dip Galvanized Nuts and Bolts
  • Railway Electrification Fixtures
. Structural Steel (Tower Material)
. Turnkey Construction of EHV Transmission Lines & Sub-Stations.

Our Design team is well equipped with the relevant tools such as Sag tension calculation, Short Circuit calculation, Tower spotting Etc.., as well as the expertise to apply them at appropriate situation.

We always use Quality standard Rolled mild steel or high tensile steel materials as per BS, AISC or Chinese and use the recommended strength values by the manufacturer in the design panzer

The products include

Switchyard Structures
. 11kV & 33kV
. 66 / 72.5 kV
. 132kV / 145kV & 245 / 275kV
. 400kV & 500kV

Transmission Line Towers
. 33kV
. 145kV
. 245kV
. 275 / 132kV
. 275kV (1000MVA)
. 275 /132kV (1000MVA)
. 275 / 275 (1000MVA)
. In single, double or quad circuit

Telecommunications & Broadcasting
. 3 or 4 legged
. Up to 150 metres
. Tubular Type
. Angular Type

are meeting internationals quality norms and requirements of clients.
Circuit Breaker
Generally may the EHV / HV system comprising of SF6 Gas Circuit Breaker and Sulfur Hexafluoride (SF6) is an excellent gaseous dielectric for this power applications. It has been used extensively in Extra high voltage circuit breakers and other switchgears employed by the power industry.

The combined electrical, physical, chemical and thermal properties offer many advantages when used in power switchgears. Some of the outstanding properties of SF6 making it desirable to use in power applications are:

. High dielectric strength
. Unique arc-quenching ability
. Excellent thermal stability
. Good thermal conductivity

Axess Seven is the pioneer company indulged in dealing and distributing supreme quality Gas Circuit Breakers like AREVA, SIEMENS, and GE etc.

Our range of Circuit Breakers are capable of catering wide needs of customers. These products are also meeting international quality norms and ensure better performance.

About Design & Operational Features
. Third-generation self-blast interrupter chamber
. Field proven temperature compensated density meter with two stage transducer and three color dial
. Easy access to the SF6 Filling connection
. SF6 non-return valve on each pole column
. Protected opening springs in each pole column
. Hot-dip galvanized steel parts
. All aluminium mechanism housing
. Spring mechanism with helical compression springs
. Easy Circuit breaker adjustment due to uniformly distributed forces
. Easy to read mechanical indication of spring charging and operating state
. Low impact closing and opening operation
. Standardized terminal strip for easy retrofitting with optional accessories like
  • Remote / Local Selector Switch
  • Close / open switch
  • Thermostatically controlled back-up heater
  • Socket or receptacle etc.
Our Range include

Rated voltage, kV : 33kV - 400kV
Rated normal current, A : 400A - 2000A
Rated short-circuit breaking current, kA : 16kA - 31.5kA
Rated operating sequence : O-0.3s-CO-3min-CO / CO-15s-CO
Ambient temperature C : -30 up to +40
Rated supply voltage V dc/ac : 24 to 250
Class of protection : IP54
Driving mechanism of circuit breaker : Stored-Energy Spring


. Simple and compact design
. Line to ground clearances as per customer specification
. Self aligning contacts for easy re-assembly
. Single break design
. High seismic withstand capability - earthquake safety
. Complete range tested at CESI, Italy; KEMA, Netherlands and CPRI, India
. Inspection / maintenance of pole unit possible without dismantling the breaker
. Easy erection
. No site adjustments
. Low operating noise levels


Disconnector is the continuous current carrying equipment which is used in the transmission and substations for the purpose of disconnecting the power source either for maintenance or for bus transfer.

These are used primarily for the isolating of equipment and sectionalizing electric circuit or even portion of main feeders for special purposes, such as testing and maintenance. Generally these devices are not rated to make or break load.

The Product includes as the Type of:

. Centre Break

. Vertical Break

. Double Break

. Single Break

. Pantograph Type

Our Range include

Rated voltage, kV : 33kV - 400kV

Rated normal current, A : 200A - 2000A

Rated short-circuit breaking current, kA : 8kA - 50kA

Ambient temperature C : -30 up to +40

Class of protection : IP54

Operation : Manual / Motor

Type : Banging / Turn & Twist

Salient Features:

. Fully Type Tested

. High Contact Pressure

. Negligible Maintenance

. High electrical and Mechanical Life

. More Reliable

. Proven design - Well accepted world over

. Aluminium - Bearing Housings & Current carrying parts

. Silver plated copper contacts for main contacts and H.V terminals

. Double Tandem for Double Break Disconnector

. Optimized contact pressure to limit contact resistance

. A spring for each contact finger for a permanent point contact

. Heavy duty life time lubricated sealed bearing

. Factory preset sub-assemblies for ease of erection and commissioning

. Reliable turn and twist mechanism

. Dispatched in assembled 'ready to- erect' assemblies

. Adjustable shackles for self-alignment of contact

. Aluminium, MS Powder coated operating cabinets

. Custom HV Terminals

. Adjustable earth switch base frame for perfect movement and alignment

. Hot dip galvanized base frame and support structure assembly for corrosion protection

. Double Disconnectors on request

. HDG / stainless steel hardwares

. Mechanically inter-locked main and earth switch for enchanced safety

. One or two integral earth switches

Instrument Transformers (CT's/PT's)

Instrument transformers are used for measurement and protective application, together with equipment such as meters and relays. Their role in electrical systems is of primary importance as they are a means of "stepping down" the current or voltage of a system to measurable values, such as 5A or 1A in the case of a current transformers or 110V in the case of a voltage transformer.

This offers the advantage that measurement and protective equipment can be standardized on a few values of current and voltage.

We are an authorized sole distributor of EMEK/Turkey , which is an ISO-9001 company. These Transformers are supplied with high quality of material which are durable and offer high performance during usage.

Our Range Include

Current Transformers - Suitable for system voltages upto 420kV

Potential (Voltage) Transformers - Suitable for System Voltages upto 420kV

Capacitive Voltage Transformers - Suitable for System Voltages upto 420kV

Indoor and outdoor type epoxy resin

Current and Voltage transformers - Suitable for System Voltages upto 420kV

We are also dealing a LAMCO Products, which is also an ISO-9001 company, produced such a high quality Instrument Transformers & Lightning Arresters.

Our Instrument transformers are:

1. Vacuum impregnated paper insulation immersed in high dielectric transformer oil

2. Designed and manufactured for all weather conditions and outdoor applications

3. Effective anti-corrosive treatment of all metal parts

4. Porcelain insulator petticoats for self-cleaning design with adequate creepage distance

to cater to effects of polluted environments

5. Efficient hermetic sealing ensures least on-site maintenance

6. Easily accessible secondary (low voltage) terminals

7. Type tested at CPRI to confirm to Indian and International standards

Our range of Instrument Transformers is successfully type tested as per their specific application categories.


- We offer for all weather conditions, live and dead tank, and outdoor application.

And also we design & supply CTs & PT's to suit any special applications

- The Transformers are so designed for multi rated specifications either by tapping

on primary or secondary windings

- The windings are located approximately half way from the bottom of the CT

- The centre of Gravity is low. Therefore Transportation and erection is easy

- Short circuit performance is good because of short primary conductors

- The warm oil rises to the top, therefore the windings operate in a cool region

- Effective anti-corrosive treatment on all metal parts and hardware

- Efficient hermetic sealing ensures least on-site maintenance

- Vacuum impregnated paper insulation immersed in high Dielectric Transformer oil

- Heat dilation of oil volume is compensated by metal tanks made of mild steel or stainless steel

Power / Distribution Transformers

A transformer is an electrical device that transfers energy from one circuit to another purely by magnetic coupling. Transformers are often used to convert between high and low voltages, to change impedance, and to provide electrical isolation between circuits.

With latest innovation of the technology and experience about Power and Distribution Transformers, we have met the requirements and specific needs of our reputed clients.

Power and Distribution Transformers are manufactured using the finest quality raw materials and are in strict compliance with the industry quality standards.

We offer a wide range of Power and Distribution Transformers that is of the highest quality. In order to ensure unmatched quality, we strictly follow as per various quality standards such as I.S, B.S, and I.E.C.

We, at Axess Seven distribute a huge spectrum of Power / distribution Transformers that are most popular brands and supplied according customer's specifications.

Our Range Include

Power & Distribution Transformers

Furnace Transformers

Earthing Transformers

Converter Transformers

Auto Transformers

Dual Ratio Transformers

Dry type Transformers (Non-encapsulated)


v 3 phase, 50Hz in voltages of 11kV, 22kV, 33kV, 66kV, 132kV and up to 525kV

v Rating from 100kVA to 1000MVA (single phase bank)

v Off-load and On-load tap changers

v Class A insulated

v Vector group Dyn11, YNynod11, YNd11 etc.,

v Continuous duty

v Copper wound as per relevant standards

v Both HV & LV side cable boxes and bushing

Main Features

Magnetic circuit - Lamination CRGO M3 to MS, MOH and ZDKH type

Electric circuit - grade 99.99% pure copper with transposition in L.V. coil for current sharing in parallel conductors

Dielectric circuits - Electric grade press paper, boards and mineral oil ducts

Thermal circuit - ONAN through natural convection for effective cooling through axial and radial ducts

Special Features

Optimum and Elegant design for 25 Yrs of trouble-free performance

Design conforms to IS2026, BS171, IEC76 and other relevant standards

Low power loss and low noise

Designed to withstand electrical impulses and thermal and dynamic stresses

Optimum utilization of active materials for compactness

Modern manufacturing techniques ensure cost effectiveness, reliability and a long trouble-free performance

Auto Recloser / Sectionalizer

The Auto Reclosers are the Circuit Breakers with built-in automatic Reclosing and Opening capability (Auto Reclosing) under fault conditions. The auto reclosing functions are limited to preset number of times at preset intervals after which, it gets locked out. The auto reclosing feature is useful in avoiding the permanent shutdown in case of temporary faults.

The Sectionalizers are normal Load break switches with built-in capability to open automatically. The Sectionalizers are designed to open based on the 'fault count' setting. The Sectionalizer trips in no-load condition, after Auto Recloser has opened and before it recloses again.

We, at Axess Seven deal and distribute a wide range of Auto Recloser at market leading prices. Our range includes Auto recloser, Sectionalizer, RTU and Control Unit etc..; we procure these Recloser from the leading manufacturers in the industry.

Main Features

v Advanced breaker electronics for on-line trip circuit supervision

v Self-powered battery and charger system

v 48 hours battery back-up

v Breaker on-off status indication by sensors

v Fast tripping times

v SCADA compatible with minimal upgrades

v Suitable for pole mounted and substation mounted structure

v reclosing relays

v Manual tripping facility

Technical specifications

Rated voltage, kV : 12 - 36

Rated current, A : 400& 630

Rated frequency, Hz : 50/60

Power frequency withstand voltage, KVrms : 28 - 70

Impulse withstand voltage (1.2/50 s), kVpeak : 75 - 175

Rated short-time current (3 sec), kA : 13.1 - 31.5

Rated breaking current, kA : 12.5

Rated making current, kA : 31.25 - 78.1

Rated operating duty : O-0.3s-CO-3min-CO / CO-15s-CO

Control circuit voltage, V DC : 24 - 110

Electrical endurance at normal current : 30,000

Mechanical operations : 30,000


4 Independent Protection Groups

Directional Over Current and Earth Fault Protection

Inverse Time Protection

Definite Time Protection

High Set Instantaneous Element

Directional Sensitive Earth Fault Protection

Under and Over Voltage Protection Element

Under and Over Frequency Protection Element

Zone Sequence Co-ordination

Voltage reclose control with automatic back feed restoration provides loop automation functionality

Live Line Function & Hot Line Tag Function

Metal Clad Switchgear

Metal Clad Switchgear is completely factory-built and wired. Each cubicle may contain the circuit breaker/ switches, bus bars, primary and secondary disconnecting devices, instrument transformers, instruments and relays, secondary wiring and more. The switchgear is designed so that additional circuit breakers or auxiliary cubicles may be added in the future.

Our company deals with all types of Metal Clad Switchgear. All our Equipments are highly renowned among the customers for their outstanding performance, it's reliable and safe to use.

Our ranges of Switchgears are as follows-

v L.V / M.V Switchgear

v H.V / E.H.V Switchgear

v Control & Relay Panels

v DOL Starter Panels

v Stator Rotor Control Panels

v Auto Transformer Starter Panels

v FCMA Based Starter Panels

Modular Circuit Breaker Panels are ideally suited for switching applications in the electrical distribution networks. It consists of standardized, modular and compact metal clad enclosures equipped with reliable switching components.

The typical arrangement of standard panels will enable to fulfill different switching & protection application in the Low, Medium voltage distribution with utmost compactness, safety & reliability.

Control and Relay Panels

Axess Seven offers a comprehensive Range of Control and Relay Panels and Controls Desks for Control, Protection, Alarm, Indication, Metering and Automation Functions etc., for Power Stations, Substations and Industrial Plants for Voltage range from 3.3kV to 500kV.

Range Includes

Feeder &Transformer Protection and Control Panels Up to 500kV

Generator Protection and Control Panels

Busbar & Line Protection Panels

Substation Automation Panels

Marshaling Kiosks

LV Distribution Panels

Axess Seven offers a comprehensive Range of LV Power Distribution Panels.

Range Includes

Power Control Centers (PCC)

Motor Control Centers (MCC)

Automatic Power Factor Correction Panels (APFC)

Motor/Pump Starter Panels

ATS/AMF Panels for Generator Control

Special Features

v Comply with IEC 60439-1

v Extensible on either side

v Modular and Compact

v High reliability

v Robust design

v Maintenance free

v Long service life

Lightning Arrester

A protective device for limiting surge voltages by discharging or bypassing surge current, and it also prevents the flow of follow current while remaining capable of repeating these functions.

The primary objective in arrester application is to select the lowest rated surge arrester that will provide adequate protection of the equipment insulation and be rated such that it will have a satisfactory service life when connected to the power system. An arrester of the minimum practical rating is preferred because it provides the highest margin of protection for the equipment insulation system. There is a fine line between protection and service life of a surge arrester.

We are trusted as one of the most leading and reliable distributors of TYCO & LAMCO make Lightning Arresters. Our company offers various types of Lightning Arresters. TYCO & LAMCO are worldwide popular for providing technologically advanced end-to-end solutions in Lightning protection.

Lightning arresters, is manufactured using meticulous process with highly skilled talent as their workforce.LAMCO Lightning arresters are Branded as "MORESTER" (Porcelain) and "LASER" (Polymer), the lightening arrester boast with strength ranging from 0.5kv to 33KV in Distribution class Gapless Arresters ( 5KA ), and 3KV to 420KV Gapless Station Class Arresters (10KA) comprising long duration discharge.

These arresters come with accessories like Disconnectors, Insulating base, Surge Monitor and support structures.

Our ranges of Arresters are successfully type tested as per their specific application categories.

It Includes

Distribution Class (5 kA) Arrester - 0.5kV to 33 kV

Station class (10/20 kA) Arresters - 3 kV to 400 kV of Discharge Class 1, 2, 3 & 4


v Hermetically sealed

v Low leakage current

v Best residual voltages

v Unique design of pressure relief system (for station class arresters)

v Lower partial discharges

v Prevents ingress of moisture

v Ensures longer service life

v Low operating temperatures

v Longer service life

v Optimum protective margin

v Prevents violent shattering of (porcelain) housing

v Ensures specified fault current with-stand capability

v Radio interference suppressed


We also supply the following accessories with the Arresters.

Arrester Disconnectors used with distribution class

Arresters (5kA) to facilitate interruption of short circuit current in the

Remote event of Arrester failure and visual indication to enable field

Personnel to replace the arresters.

Surge Monitor used with station class Arrester (> 10 kA) for live condition monitoring of arresters.

Insulating Base enables arresters to be isolated from its Base (earth) to facilitate connection of surge monitor

Mounting Structure facilitates mounting of arresters at required heights

Capacitor Bank Panel

Power Factor Correction Panels & Capacitors are manufactured adopting the latest techniques, by trained team in a well-equipped modern plant. Best available imported as well as indigenous materials are used and production is carried out with utmost care in dust controlled air conditioned atmosphere. New trends in technology, has adopted the manufacturing for most trust and reliable.

Capacitor Bank Panels are available in the range from 3.3kV to 145kV.

We, at Axess Seven are popularly known as a trusted source of leading brands Capacitor Bank & APFC Panels. Keeping in mind our customers' specific requirements, our company presents them a exact requirement of panels with the commitment of complete satisfaction.

These are passed through stringent quality check procedure before the dispatch that helps in delivering scratch free and high quality product.

General Technical Particulars

Rated output : Units up to 400 kVAr & Bank up to 40 MVAr

Protection : Internal /External Fuse

Rated voltage : 3.3 kV to 145 kV

Mounting : Vertical /Horizontal

Frequency : 50/60 Hz

Installation : Indoor / Outdoor

Connection : 3 phase, Delta or Single / Double Star

Ref.Standards : ISS 13925, IEC 871


Very low dielectric losses (<0.18 W /kVAr)

Greater safety through an improved defined tank-rupture characteristic

Low capacitance change with respect to temperature

High fault current handing capability

Superior electrical performance and reliability

Environmental friendly capacitor fluid (Impregnate)

High inrush discharge current handling capability

High partial discharge inception voltage level

Longer electro -chemical life

High thermal stability

Salient Features

v Welded type CRCA tank, liquid design, Non-self-healing

v Dielectric Polypropylene Film

v Impregnate Non PCB Oil

v Tolerance on capacitance -5% -+10%

v Discharge Mechanism Discharge resistors provided

v Discharge time < 50V within 10 min

v Capacitor unit protection Internal / External fuses depending on voltage rating

v Total losses including discharge resistors < 0.2 watts / KVAr

v Rated Voltage (Vn) As per requirement of capacitor bank voltage

v Rated frequency 50/60 Hz

v Insulation Level As per requirement of capacitor bank voltage

v Continuous over voltage 1.1 X Vn ( rated voltage ) for 12 hrs daily

v Continuous over current 1.3 X In ( rated Current )

v Temperature range -5oC to +50 o C

v Indoor / Outdoor Type

v Connections 1-Phase/ 3-Ph Delta/ Single star/Double star

v Terminal arrangement Outdoor- On post insulators

v Indoor- Cable entry hole / Box as per customer requirement

v Bus bar material Aluminum / Copper as per customer requirement

Meters & Relays

A panel meter is an instrument that displays an input signal in either a digital or analog form. We offer High quality, easy-to-use digital panel as well as analogue meters at very economical prices. Great for a wide range of applications, including voltage monitoring, current, temperature, flow etc. Easy to set-up with no additional components required. Can be used in a common ground or independent configuration. Input voltage range adjustable with the use of external resistors.

RELAY is the brain of the system, it receives input signal from the instrument transformer, it then evaluate the input condition and then decide what to do and it gives advice to the breaker to trip, if the relay decides to do so. We offer relays with public safety, service reliability and equipment protection at very economical prices.

Our company deals with all types of Meters & Relays Related Equipments. All our Equipments are highly prominent among the customers for their outstanding performance, its handiness and safe to use.

Axess Seven is the pioneer company indulged in dealing and distributing METERS like Conzerv, AE, IMP, Rishabh, Elmeasure and ICD. Also RELAYS like AREVA, ABB, Mikro, Easun and C&S etc.

Meters Includes

v Single Phase V, A, F meter

v Three Phase Volt & Ammeter

v Digital Energy, Power & V,A,F meters 96X48mm

v Power monitoring device for HV & LV networks

v Dual Source Energy Meter for DG & EB monitoring

v Smart Demand Controller etc.,

Relays Includes

v Combined Overcurrent & Earth Fault Relay

v Overcurrent Relay

v Earth Fault Relay

v Earth Leakage Relay

v Voltage Relay

v Reverse Power Relay

v Voltage & Current Control Relay

v Power Factor Regulator etc.,

High mast & Street Lights

We are renowned manufacturers and exporters of High Mast Lighting Pole which are manufactured out of quality raw material procured from trusted vendors.

High Mast Lighting systems made from hot dip galvanized steel suitable for wind velocities as per IS/IEC. The mast will have Luminaires, accessories and HID Lamps including an integrated power tool. These lighting systems are used to light up large open areas such as Car Parks, Railway Track, Airport, Motorways, Container Deports, Dock Yards, Service Yards etc..,

Easy to install as base is identical from all direction and available in direction and available in direct grouting type and Base Plate bolted type and Robust Door opening and locking system increase life of internal accessories are some of the special features.

We have successfully been dealing and distributing Liaoyuan Co., Ltd branded Electrical Light Fitting and luminaires ranging from tiny halogen lamps to different kinds of fluorescent light fittings since our inception. The products include post top lanterns, flood lights, Street lights with mercury, sodium and metal halide lamps, which are used for road lighting, industrial and other applications.

High mast are available in the range from 15/16/20/25/30 meters configurations.

High Mast Lighting systems in 15/16/20/25/30 metre configurations made from hot dip galvanized steel suitable for wind velocities as per IS 875. The mast will have Luminaires, accessories and HID Lamps including an integrated power tool.

These lighting systems are used to light up large open areas such as Car Parks, Railway Track, Airport, Motorways, Container Deports, Dock Yards, Service Yards,

General Technical Particulars


20m Standard Duty

25m Standard Duty

30m Standard Duty

Top diameter




Base dia meter A/F




Flange Plate




No of bolts








Weight of shaft




No of sections




Max top loading




Max weight of Head load





Insulators for use in transmission & substation can be categorized different ways. The main function of insulator is undoubtedly to insulate the live conductor from the ground potential but the important thing is that the insulator should be able to carry the load/tension in the line. At angle towers or at dead end the insulators should be able to carry large tensional force. The insulators used for transmission lines are mainly of porcelain or composite polymer types.

Traditionally porcelain insulators are used for both transmission and distribution purposes.

In the coastal areas the climatic condition also influences the selection of materials. In the coastal areas salt deposits on the insulator surface, that results in increased leakage current on the insulator surface.

Axess Seven is the pioneer company indulged in dealing and distributing Insulators Adhitya Birla, CJI Porcelain and Saravana Insulaors for high quality and performance.

Our range of products includes:

Disc Insulators

Guy Insulator

Line Post Insulator

Lightning Arrestors

Cap & Pin Insulators

Station Post Insulators

Transformer Bushings

Shackle Insulator

Busbar Insulator

Special Application Solid Cores


Either fitted with metallic flanges or without flanges for SF6 circuit breakers, instrument transformers, condenser bushings, and lightning arresters upto 800 kV

Maximum height in one unit construction: up to 2600mm

Maximum diameter: 650mm

Bore can be parallel, taper or bulge as per customer's specific design

Applicable standards: IS, IEC, European norms 50062, ANSI.

Salient Features

The design concept for hollow porcelains is dependent on the complete design of electrical equipment such as SF6 circuit breakers, air-blast circuit breakers, minimum-oil circuit breakers, instrument transformers, condenser bushing and lightning arresters.

The porcelains are designed in consultation with the manufacturers of equipment so as to meet the electrical and mechanical requirements. The manufacturing possibilities of shape, size and dimensional tolerances of large hollow porcelains comply with Indian and international standards.

Our Insulators caters to the entire spectrum of sub-station and transmission insulators. It specializes in the production of high-strength equipment porcelains for use in SF6 circuit breakers, instrument transformers, condenser bushings, disconnectors and insulators for the traction system of the Indian Railways, and high-end transmission products up to 765 KV system voltages.

Our products are used for the following applications:

Circuit Breakers


Current and Voltage Transformers



Sub Station

Railway Electrification


Shunt Reactors are the most compact and cost-efficient means of compensating capacitive generation in long-transmission high-voltage power lines or extended cable systems. Alternative solutions are more expensive, mean greater losses, require more equipment and demand additional resources. Placed permanently in service to stabilize power transmission, or switched in under light-load conditions for voltage control only, shunt reactors combine high efficiency and low life-cycle costs to cut transmission costs and boost your bottom line.

Using the latest design techniques, detailed knowledge of the magnetic field, to secure optimum design parameters in areas such as reactance calculations, eddy losses, winding hotspots, resonance etc. may be calculated easily.

We have successfully been dealing and distributing Quality Power, Pune Reactors which are used for regular industrial and other special purpose applications

Air Core Reactors

Current Limiting Reactors

Harmonic Filter Applications

Thyristor Controlled Reactors

DC Reactors for drive application

Shunt Reactors

Peterson Coils

Iron Gap Core Reactors

Dry type series reactors up to 11 kV ,1000 kVAr

Oil Cooled Shunt Reactors up to 33 kV , 5000 kVAr

Water Cooled Reactors for DC applications

"Dry-Q" Technology for Air Core Dry Type Reactors

Design & Construction

Compliant with IEC60289

Tolerance to specifications for better tuning of Harmonic Filters

Higher Efficiency

Superior Insulation type tested up to 400kV system ratings with a long self-life

High resistance to short circuit forces due Resin Impregnation Technology


In Accordance with IEC 60289 , IEEE C57.16 & IS 5553 Standards

Dry type in open execution upto 400 kV / 650 kVp Impulse / 50kA SC Current

Oil Cooled Magnetically & Non Magnetically shielded

Enhanced Protection

Enhanced Fire retardant Property

Higher Creepage Insulators employed for All weather Protection

Coated with special resins for UV protection

RTV coated for protection against abrasion, corrosion and dust deposition

Galvanized Steel Structures for Power & Telecom Projects

We have a wide range of Galvanized Steel Structures for Electricity Transmission Line Towers / Grid Towers, Substations & for Telecom service providers, which are made using high quality material.

We offer these structures in various customized forms like angular and tubular as per our clients' desired specifications. Each and every member of it is designed to achieve maximum precision and strength. All of these are manufactured as per the industry standards and we ensure long working life of our Electricity Transmission Towers / Grid Towers.

Steel Structures are available for up to 500kV system and Customized Telecom Project also.

Axess Seven is a Structural Engineering company established in the year 1999 to cater to the needs of Telecom and Power Industry. Design, manufacturing and commissioning of communication towers, transmission towers, sub-station structures and accessories are our core business.

We indigenously designed and manufactured to meet the requirements of clients across India and the globe, the best of raw materials are used in the latest of manufacturing facilities.

Bolted Assembly Features

v Triangular or Square Foot Prints

v Bolt-Together Construction

v Allows modification for load changes

v Constructed of pipe or structural angle legs with angle bracing

v Tower bracing pattern dependent on tower size and antenna loading

v Hot dip galvanized finish as per IS2629

v Tower painting optional

v Climbing ladder with safety gauge, wave guide ladder & platform optional

v Meets International standards

v All fasteners are hot dip galvanized and as per BS 1461

Welded Assembly Features

v Triangular

v Weld - Together sections with Tubular or Solid Rod legs and bracing serpentine type solid rod

v Section to Section Bolt-Together Construction

v Tower bracing pattern dependent on tower size and antenna loading

v Hot dip galvanized finish as per IS2629

v Tower painting optional

v Climbing incorporated into tower face

v Meets International standards

v All fasteners are hot dip galvanized and as per BS 1461

Special Features

v Elegant and Optimum design

v Designed as per the International Standards such as ASCE 10-97 /BS 8100/IEC or client specified requirement

v Analysis done using FEM Software packages such as STAD Pro-2007, SAP-2000, MS TOWER, PLS-TOWER

v Detailing is done through BOCAD/X-STEEL/AUTOCAD

v Connection Design (Bolted /Welded) is done as per BS/AISC Connection Design principles

v Wind load, wire load or equipment loads are duly considered as per ultimate

v All structures are prototyped before mass manufacturing

v Hot dip Galvanization is adopted as per BS 1461 or ASTM procedures

Earthing System

Every electrical system is equipped with an earthing system. The ground wires (also called shield wire) run above the phase conductors and protect the line from direct lightning strokes as the lightning strikes first the ground conductor due to its position. The foot of the transmission towers are properly earthed so that the potential gradient near the tower remains within the limit and protects the human beings and animals around the tower in faulted condition.


The Electricity Supply Industry, under competitive and regulatory pressure, can no longer always afford the luxury of dedicated in house technical expertise and engineering resource.

We provide fully resourced, competent and trustworthy services for HV earthing systems. Capable of managing from Assessment to actual install utitlising to ensure optimum performance and flexibility.

Special Features

v Pre-install design and assessment

v Soil modeling

v Access to latest Software modeling techniques

v Design validation/verification and certification

v System installations including civil works

v Up-to-date working methods and compliance

v Maintenance and remediation


v BS EN7430

v EA TS 41-24

v S34

v IEEE 80